pretty little things: inside the nest

hello friends and happy saturday. only 7 more days until christmas.... and i have been oh so sick. i am hoping for a quick recovery from this sneezy and weezy over all feeling. anyways, i have been in bed looking at inspiring christmas and holiday photos. i could look at holiday decor all. day. long. for some of the prettiest holiday inspiration i ever did see you just might want to check out irene's lovely blog. anyways, i came across these cute little trees and i am quite smitten. i think they would look pretty darn cute in my little home.

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  1. Hi :) Loved the one in the middle - very stylish :)

  2. I follow the fantastic column on bloesem as well, my... people are so creative!!!

  3. the middle is my favorite too :)
    and i agree, your people are so creative! xo

  4. the middle one is my favorite one also!!