lula loves sibis

pretty much one of my favorite german design companies... sibis toys and furniture are just perfect. i really can't say anything else. *loves*
this oh-so-lovely dollhouse "villa"
the most perfect rocker "rosa"

this amazing bench/playtable "erykah"

the loveliest of highchairs

and the most perfect table and chairs "afra"



  1. hihi....the Germans... being German myself I have to say that there are truly lots of good kids toys from German brands...
    specially the wooden section!
    I love the doll house as well, so modern and FUN!

    I have a cute give away running, come over and join! :)

  2. i knew about the toys they made but i didn't realize they did furniture too so i am completely smitten with all their pieces.. i just wish shipping it here wasn't so expensive.
    and i 'm heading over to your blog right now... :)