le inspiration..

happy sunday friends. i'm excited about this year coming to a close and another new year upon us. i have so many exciting things happening for the new year. one of my favorites is my little shop - eeeep! i cannot wait to share. and a trip to 2 cities i have only dreamed about - more on this later - and lula honey's spring/summer 2011 and fall/winter 2011 collection. can't. hardly. wait. anyways, i have compiled a teeny tiny list of things i want to buy in the new year which has inspired me indeed.
i saw this coat rack and fell in love..
the very first print issue of this adorable magazine..

i simply cannot wait for this book to arrive in the fall..

a few of these lovely vintage skipping ropes for my kiddos..
adding the prettiest book i ever did see to my collection..

and this chair that has had me completely smitten for months..



  1. Love the coatrack and the magaziene looks beautiful - I'll have to check it out.

    Have a nice day! Can't wait to hear about your little shop.

  2. Love the coatrack too!
    I made my order of Papier Mache print issue last week, can't wait for it to come! =)

  3. i think the coat rack is going to be my first purchase of 2011. i am completely smitten with it :)