le inspiration...

happy sunday friends. i am having so much fun finding such lovely little projects on some of the blogs i read. i am hoping to "make" most christmas presents this year - although we have bought a few goodies too - but here are some little crafty treasures that inspired me this past week to make for my wee ones. so inspiring indeed.
this oh-so-cute triangle scarf - although mine will be a bit bigger to fit my ever growing 3 year old..
these set of wee puppets - perfect from one little sister to another..

the cutest little clothes pin dolls i ever did see - i'm still trying to find these particular shaped clothes pins, but i am ready to start this project with the ones i have at home..

these super yummy christmas cookies - i'll be serving mine in big mason jars with little love notes attached..

and this oh-so-lovely gift wrap. i am so in love with this and have already started
wrapping my little lovely presents this way..
i promise to post photos of my little treasures inspired by these.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for adding my little scarf...
    the cloth pin dolls look precious...
    I have 1 1/2 sick kids (the little one seems to be a bit better)... maybe I can cheer my daughter up with those!