easy peasy yarn pom pom diy

good morning friends. i thought i would share my diy for easy peasy yarn pom poms. i like to wrap presents with these because if you are a follower of this blog you know how much i love handmade. anyways, all you need for this particular pom pom is some yarn and scissors. note: all pictures were taken with my blackberry. but i don't want to talk about that.
cut a piece of yarn - your choice of length - which will be used to wrap your pom pom with and set aside..
next, grab your ball of yarn and start wrapping..

i chose to wrap around my fingers but you can wrap your yarn pretty much around any rectangular object that has some sturdiness to it - like a business card made with heavy cardstock... the bigger the object, the bigger the pom pom..

once you've wrapped enough yarn, quickly slide off your fingers and lay on top of your reserved piece of yarn you had cut out earlier like this..

now you want to tie your piece of yarn around your ball and wrap around again and tie again..
once you have done that, take your scissors and cut open all the loops, like this..

and viola... you have your pom pom. one more step is too "trim" your little pom pom so the yarn is one length all around..


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