a wee update.

as i was going through some lula honey images for a press kit, i realized that i don't really talk too much about lula honey or my other label i heart lula on le blog... i tend to talk about other cool things i really dig but not too much about me. and, i also have some really big news that i am really excited about and want to share...
about i heart lula: it's vintage-inspired playwear for little girls.. this collection is like lula honey's younger sister. it has the same quality and inspiration as lula honey but made specifically for playing around in. it's really inspired by the beach too as you can see by these oh-so-cute dresses..

also part of the i heart lula label is vintage. i have been collecting vintage for years and now specifically collect children's vintage which i am so happy to be sharing with you..

about lula honey: you can visit my website to read all about my lovely little collection.. i really want to thank you dear customers who have contacted me through my website to buy my clothing and for supporting lula honey. i feel really blessed to do what i do. there are 2 shops, one in new york, the other in la, that i'm trying to get lula honey into and so far it looks really good *hooray*. i am in the middle of doing a huge update to the website (re: spring/summer 2011) which i'm super excited about and i can hardly wait to show you! i have also been feeling a strong urge to move my little label (and my not so little family) to montreal or quebec city to grow my company (new york!). basically it's a fabulous move for lula honey but not quite the same enthusiasm for my family...eek! and i am really hoping to add a little boys collection next year under the lula honey label. it will be the cutest little boys collection you ever did see..

and for my really big news... i am opening my own little shop! i have wanted a dreamy little shop for years and i am finally going to do it. there is still alot of things to work out but it's just so exciting to be at this point. i will be starting out as an online shop first (and only because i'm not sure if we are going to stay on the west coast or be somewhere out east) and then i am going to open an actual store where i will be selling my collections as well as some other oh-so-pretty clothing from other designers too. i have come up with a name but i want to get used to it before i reveal it but it's really good...
thanks for reading.

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