le inspiration...

hello friends. i have been oh-so-busy lately (more so than usual) and i seem to always have time management "issues" meaning... i am constantly meeting deadlines but in the most silliest of ways. like: staying up all night to finish one deadline, sleeping for 4 hours and getting up to start and meet another deadline... oh yes, i also have 3 kiddos and a cute husband too... so it makes for an interesting week.. anyways, here are some lovely little calendars that are inspiring me indeed..

the cutest little calendar i ever did see..

these oh-so-lovely animals with the loveliest of months..

these cute-as-a-button baby booties calendar..

these cute and teeny flashcards with the cutest little months..

and this amazing danish owl calendar to mark down your dreamy little dates..



  1. the baby shoes are adorable!
    You can mark babys birthday on them :)

  2. i know, they are oh so cute!!! i am going to try and make a pair after the holidays - crossing my fingers :)