le inspiration...

i like white walls and light rooms with small "pops" of bright color. i love pale muted colors. you know those over exposed daydreamy colored photos from the seventies? i love those too. but i do come across lovely colorful things that are just so inspiring indeed..
i think this bright poster is just the loveliest..
the cutest little girl with the bright red wig in the cutest little costume. ever..

these bright and tiny little pants..

the most colorful little faces i ever did see..

this pink and pretty bow..

this wee bright stocking is adorable. i die.

a pretty pop of color on the prettiest little rocker..

this colorful and cute-as-a-button book..

the little red pompom on the most adorable little necklace..

the most perfect "pop" of colors on this perfect little poster..

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  1. thank you angela for adding miss P to this beautiful collection of colorful things!

  2. So fun to see some online friends mentioned here!