easy peasy snow flake garland diy

hello friends. i wanted to share an easy peasy diy with you. with the holidays quickly approaching, and a house full of kiddos just dying to decorate, i thought this would be the perfect start to all that. here's what you need: a pair of scissors
sewing needle
thread : i use sewing thread for this particular project because when the garland is hung, it almost looks like the snowflakes are floating
snowflakes : i just used a store bought package i had bought last year for one dollar. if i had more time, i would have cut out little snowflakes from doilies but i'm a very busy mama right now.
thread your sewing needle like you would if you were doing embroidery..

start threading your snowflakes. it's that easy. just a quick note, if you are using sewing thread, be careful not to tangle the snowflakes and thread because it will turn into a full fledged nightmare real quick.

and hang.
note: oops! photos were taken with my blackberry. new camera coming soon.

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