easy peasy party hats diy.

hello friends. i thought i would share a really easy diy for making party hats. tomorrow miss lola is going to be 3 and what a cute way to use some of the vintage paper i have. note: all pictures were taken on my phone which is why the photos are d.a.r.k. oops!
first, gather your supplies. as i am currently battling a cold and the flu, i am making the most simple hats. all i needed was:
newspaper - for the pattern
vintage paper - any paper you have lying around will do
trim - i used some fabric trim but you could use whatever you want
2 sided tape - again, you could use glue, staples, whatever
make your pattern on the newspaper. i drew a triangle approx. 10 inches each side and then made the bottom rounded, like a smile :)
next i cut out my pattern and measured approx. how much trim i would use..
then i sewed the trim on - you can use glue or whatever you want - this was the easiest for me..

and then i cut my double sided tape to fit - about 10 inches - and secured the sides together. i wasn't at all particular on matching the pattern up.

now you have a pretty little party hat.

for the elastic, i just sewed it onto the sides but you could use whatever works for you.

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  1. New follower. found you via twitter. Love these cute party hats! fun2bkids.blogspot.com