lula loves life without plastic...

here at the lula honey haus we are slowly getting rid of all the toys and knick knacks that are made with plastic (or other unsafe products). i have been on a mission to make this change in the kiddos rooms and play areas for awhile now. yes, it costs money but my babies are worth it. now their rooms are filled with homemade goodies and toys that are not only safe but purrrty cool too. so i was delighted to come across life without plastic. co-started by a fellow winnipeger (muh home town), their site is full of information about.. life without plastic... and they sell really cute products for kids and the home.. you really should take a peaksy. here were some of my faves...
the cutest beluga whale i ever did see.
i love this mug - made for the tiniest of hands.

felt cookies. yums!

this wooden jeepy. kinda looks like mine..

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