lula loves the 80s..

as a kiddo growing up in the 80s, nothing defined my childhood playtime more than these 5 toys. actually, i played alot of barbies and lego too... but nothing caused more blood, sweat, and tears than these..
1. the snoopy sno-cone. me and my friends were so devoted to this we even had it going in the winter time, using fresh manitoba snow.
2. the rubix cube. eventually, all the stickers fell off from peeling them back from cheating. but it kept me busy for hours..
3. marbles. the peewee. the jumbo. the catseye. the pearl. here's the breakdown: find a field or yard, dig up a hole in the dirt, mark a circle a few feet around said hole, lay your marble(s) down, and try to be the first marble in the hole using your index finger while knocking the other guy's marbles out of the way. winner would keep all other marbles playing. oh, you attained instant status when you had a Crown Royal bag ( you know, the whisky that came in the purple velvet pouch) as a marble bag..

4. cabbage patch kids. my first doll was rebecka ann. she had red hair. i had to wait weeks for her to come because every single store was sold out of these dolls. suburban moms were in actual fist fights to get these. hilarious and crazy at the same time.

5. fashion plates. before i had sketchbooks, i spent months and months coloring over these grooved out tiles that you could mix and match to make a thousand different outfits. my future was built on this foundation. i am currently in a bidding war on ebay with this.



  1. I had every last single one of those! Avec Manitoba snow aussi! Wish I would of kept the fashion plates. My daughter would have been over the moon to have them.

  2. Wow. Seriously? Those would have been my top five, too. Except the Snoopy Sno Cone machine *might* have actually been my sister's.