giggle ♥

where did this week go? it's been a ca-razy week here at the lula honey haus. we are busy doing production for lula honey - infact the cutest silk dress i ever did see is being produced right now ♥ - as well as lula honey's little sister line i heart lula. and i also got to spend time at my favorite kiddo shop giggle 'n bloom right here in gibsons. think of all your favorite kiddo shops, throw in a whole bunch of modern and cool and organic and fair trade and well that's giggle 'n bloom ♥
i have been really inspired by the shop as well as babies and i am keeping myself busy in my "free time" creating super cute things for your babies with i heart lula... i started with simple summer dresses (at the shop right now) and will be adding to my etsy shop:
burp cloths...
diaper clutches...


and super cute bibs...

all made with pretty vintage fabrics - naturally.
i know on fridays i usually post my own diy but i have been so busy so i was delighted when i came across this blog and found this super yummy blackberry lemonade diy.. have a good night! i am off to make this lovely little treat ♥


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