strollin' with the homies ♥

if you were to ask miss lola plum or miss carmen what their most favorite toy(s) are, chances are they will ramble off a list 30 minutes long. however, at the top of said list would be the words babies and all things that go with that. including strollers. now that both kiddos love walking, our daily walks include pushing these mentioned babies. because i'm the type of mama that likes to walk fast while out and about (mostly because i don't want to run into a bear, cougar, or coyote) the kiddos need to be able to move quickly too. so i have rounded up some of the best doll strollers - and yes we have the pottery barn one x2 - that can move fast, have excellent durability, and is perfect for little hands.
The merrily we stroll stroller from land of nod

the oh so lovely navy doll pram from pottery barn kids

the maclaren junior quest doll stroller

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  1. Loves these - esp. the Land of Nod one - Sacha's birthday's coming up - I think I know what i'll be getting him, since he loves pushing around our big stroller and putting MIlla's doll into it.