one, two step.

shoes are like gold in the lula honey house. as soon as one person gets a pair, the whole crew needs a pair... however seeing as i've been buying shoes for kiddos for 15 years now, i have a pretty keen idea of what works and what doesn't. i have decided to share with you lovely readers the shoes/boots that are in constant rotation in our house - keep in mind we live on the west coast where rain is our climate half the year and our backyard is literally on the beach ♥

1: hunter wellies. do we need to spend alot of money on rain boots? no, but they are cute. and they are durable.

2: chuck taylors. ummm, unless you live under a rock, these are classic and just rad. the kiddos all have pairs in various colors. infact, this is one shoe that everyone at the lula honey house has in multiples.
3: havaianas flip flops. these suckers are cheap, comfortable, and are also durable. the kiddos can even walk into the ocean without losing one because of the ankle strap.
4: minnetonka moccasins. i have to admit, i started buying these because i wanted them to share in my love for these lovely boots. they are reasonably priced and come in an assortment of colors and styles..but this style is my fave (for the kiddos anyways).
so there you go. i hope your wednesday morning is a happy one. kisses.


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