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i love a real good kitchen. for many reasons. mostly because it is a place where all the kiddos, the mister and myself can be found on a daily basis all together. that being said, our kitchen is a disaster and ready for a complete overhaul. the paint, flooring, appliances, decor, everything, will be going. it will be a long process and one i'm nervous about. my ideal kitchen is not the same ideal as the mister. case in point: i like picking wild flowers and putting them in mason jars... the mister would prefer something a bit more sleek and modern. however, we have been able to gather our ideas and share what we want and don't want. basically, our new kitchen will be modern with clean lines (him) with a bunch of vintage, farmhouse, and cottag-y mixed with it (me).. curious as to what that looks like? yeah, so are we! here are some kitchens i came across which i just think are lovely...

source: google images and apartment therapy

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