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here at the lula honey haus, we are shakin' things up a bit and have decided to use tuesday as our inspiration blog day. that way, things aren't so scattered and nutty around here and you can sit down with your coffee (i prefer mine iced) and enjoy our inspirations every tuesday..
the biggest inspiration for lula honey is the beach. hands down. one of my fave things is going into my studio and opening my (garage) door and letting the ocean breeze come in while i work. i'm so blessed to live in a community known as the"california of the north" and even more blessed to design and create as my job. here is lula honey's beachy inspirations for today:these cute vivienne westwood shoes for the kiddos
this super adorbs little girls bedroom

martha stewart craft kits for the kiddos

this super charming editorial at small magazine

the too cute for words s/s 2010 collection at chase n sky

smiley faces on a surfboard :)

crochet amaziness at anna kosturova girl

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