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the lovely priscila from little miss heirlooms and babiekins magazine.

the coolest cat on the block. mama to 2 of the cutest kiddos around, blogger, shop and magazine owner, crafter, thrifter, and vintage lover - and so, so much more. i met the lovely priscila through the blogging world and became totally smitten with all of her work. her blog is sooo charming and her shop is jam packed with the cutest vintage and her magazine showcases the cutest and coolest stuff for your kiddos. so when we at the lula honey haus decided to feature our new friday lula loves column - interviews with our favorite bloggers/shop owners/designers - there was no question we wanted priscila to be our first interview.

Tell us something about yourself and what you do in life..

I'm a mother to 2 beautiful boys (a 4 year old and 2 year old) and reside in Southern California. I'm originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil which is one of my favorite places to visit when we get a chance! I have decided that it's more important for me to stay home with my young boys then putting them in daycare or getting a job .I love it even though it has its challenges. I love to spend the days making forts, talking nature walks to see what kind of silly and crazy bugs we can find and swimming in our pool with my 2 little fish. I never imaged me as a mother of boys. I guess because I love everything about fashion and all that comes with that and they are really low key! I'm sure they would be happy to wear a paper bag as a shirt -they really don't care!
I started a little shop last year and a blog in October and it really took off. It has really given me the opportunity to make extra money, network and get creative like my newest venture, my emagazine Babiekins.
I've always been interested in the children's market, fashion and design and after having my kids I got more of an idea of what is good for them or not first hand. The children's industry is a great industry to be involved in. There are so many great designers, shops and people to meet and I think it can only get bigger and better from here! I believe that you should always do what you love, what makes you happy and what you can see yourself doing for a long time.

I'm inspired by so many things! I'm really into vintage children's books, illustrations and toys. They just have the sweetest graphics and I love vintage photographs. Its so cool to get a glimpse into someone's life through a photo! I'm also inspired by my boys that always keep me laughing!

When do you get most excited?

I love to blog and I love seeing all the people that like what I like! I've recently had loads of people from France visit my blog and magazine! Its so exciting that it's not just people in the same country that like what I see and write about but people internationally love it too.

What does your average daily work / life balance look like? How much
time do you work, play and sleep?

I'm definatly a night owl! I love to stay up late and sleep in late....bad I know, its my guilty pleasure. I try to work about 2 hours a day while the boys take a break (they don't take naps anymore but I do have them sit down and have some quiet time with maybe a movie or just a rest on their bed).

An average day might be:
Me waking up and sitting down with some warm tea while working on my magazine or blog for maybe an half an hour. Then Carter is usually the first one to wake up and then Christian. The boys will eat breakfast and then we like to take our new little puppy out on a walk. The boys (being boys I guess) love to go on the walk and look at all the ladybugs, bees, caterpillars and bugs that are on our walking trail. Its kind of interesting I would have to say and its a fun time that I can have with the boys. I know they are growing so fast and Christian will be starting Kindergarten in August. This time is truly precious! After the walk we might go back home and invite the little neighbor girl over to play. We have a huge roll of paper we bought at Ikea that we love to roll over our long table and draw on. Christian draws the cutest little characters! Then we might go out for a treat like a starbucks (I put $5 on a card for christian and one for carter and they just smiles from ear to ear that they gets to buy their own starbucks haha). We might also go visit my grandpa who is the coolest grandpa in the world. He makes things out of wood and the boys always paint them. The latest thing he has made is a HUGE moon that we will be using in our magazine! Then we might go home, have lunch and read a couple stories and have them watch a movie or rest a little bit and then Ill work some more. We also love to visit the wild animal park which is about 15 minutes from our house! The boys favorite animals are the monkeys and the lions!

What stops you from giving up when you are frustrated?

I know that not everyday is going to be a "bad" day and I remind myself I'm doing what I really like and that itself is worth so much! Also knowing I'm the one taking care of my boys is huge! I also keep letters I've received from other bloggers, designers and friends that have loved my blog or magazine and keep them posted up by my office. That way I can always read them when i'm frustrated!

At what point do you consider yourself successful?

hum, well what is success? Its a different for everyone I guess. I try not to be hard on myself and enjoy what I'm doing. I think if I'm to hard on myself the passion I have for the things I do die away and then you are over it. I don't ever want to be "over it". I feel like I've been quite successful even though I haven't been blogging or had the magazine out for long. There are a lot of things I want to do and might do in the future and its been such a fantastic, honor and amazing to hear from other designers that they love what I'm doing. To me if I can inspire those that inspire me that's big

Thank you priscila

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