nite owls.

so my evening "block" of work starts now. i love working from home and i don't think i will ever change that. my work day usually looks like this: wake up at 6:00am and check emails/send emails and the occasional phone calls - hello new york. then for the rest of the morning i spend doing what the kiddos want to do and thrifting. After lunch i have a huge block of time where i work. then it's supper/kiddos/mister time. then i have a huge block of time in the evening that i work. depending on what i'm working on, i can usually do it in any part of the house which means i can be in the same room(s) as everyone else. although, miss carmen and miss lola plum like to be in mama's studio because of the clothes, paints, supplies, crafts, etc. i don't like working for only small amounts of time and stopping and starting. drives me crazy. ofcourse this all changes when i'm going into vancouver for work but it's amazing the amount of work i can accomplish on the ferry... the only down side to my schedule is that it's not very cohesive with my friends-with -kid's schedules. it's hard to find play dates in the morning. le sigh. anyways, time to work. night nite ♥
here are some ads i thought were hilarious...


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  1. I love old ads! It gives me so much inspiration.