happy friday.

so this is my 100th post. wow, time flies! i'm going to be overhauling my blog a bit and making it a wee more personal. i have been sort of using it as a way of showing off lula honey (which i still will with sneak peaks and stuff) but now that my website is moving along, it's time to shake things up around here. anyways, i thought i would add some more personal posts to the blog as i usually only post about inspirations and work things...
1. i love this photo. it's of a random street in LA but i can't get my eyes off of it. i always say to people that i must be a california girl at heart because i can totally see my future being in southern california somewhere, making clothes, chilling out with my kiddos and mister, surfing, taking pictures, and reading my bible and fashion magazines on the beach.
2. this is the random vintage fabric i picked up while thrifting today. saweeet. as you know, i'm a huge vintage lover. i have 2 specific projects i'm working on right now which is the owl project and a DIY picture project. The owl project (which i slightly touched base on before and will blog more about later) is something i'm making out of vintage fabrics.... so cute. The picture project is a DIY i'm doing. I will post a tutorial once i work out the kinks but basically it involves a wooden picture frame, vintage fabric, bows or ribbons or buttons, and using that as the picture instead of an actual photo...

3. Milk magazine, Vogue australia, a map of california, and a coke zero. Milk magazine is my most favorite magazine. the clothes, editorial and styling is beyond amazing. i really want lula honey to be featured in this magazine. it would be perfect. vogue australia is my favorite vogue edition (next to paris and america). i think it's because i really want to spend a few months there and design and surf. bliss. the map is for an upcoming road trip/work trip this august. i am so stoked! and the coke zero is my only vice. xo

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