like a fish out of water

i keep flip flopping on lula honey's future. i'm sure i'm driving everyone associated with me crazy. (but love forgives all). first i wanted to sell to boutiques, because that's what lula honey's clothes are. they are boutique clothes. then i wanted to sell to a big department store. if you flip through the pages of vogue as much as i do, i come across alot of the little girls clothing that's featured and feel like lula honey is on par or even better than what's in there. so when i see the credits and where the clothes sell (big department stores - which i ♥ ) i feel like i can roll there too. however, i came across this article http://nomiebaby.blogspot.com/2010/04/big-vs-small-stores.html which kind of freaked lula honey out a little bit. you see, if i had alot of money - and were talking tens of thousands honey - i would have no problem bulldozing our way to the top. but back in reality, that just isn't an option.
the one clear thing that lula honey does want to do is open our own beloved store. we would sell lula honey and some really cool little kids vintage clothes on the side too. and guess what? we are in a position to sublet retail space in a high end children's lifestyle store. ♥ deets to come ♥ it's the perfect starting off point for us.
anyways, lula honey is crazy busy right now with so much on our plate.
* finalize labels
* finalize website
*production quotes (manufacturer vs home sewers - which is a whole other post)
* finalize s/s 2011
* some sort of budget. ha!
* in the process of hiring a pr whiz
* photoshoots for f/w 2010 and s/s 2011
you get the idea...
here's what lula honey is loving today:

most images from : http://littlemissheirlooms.blogspot.com/ my most favorite blog right now ♥

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