brand development.

everyday is a learning process over at the lula honey camp. i used to think that as long as the clothes remain consistant in quality and originality, then your brand is cool. not so much. everything from the business cards to the hang tags to the website needs to be consistant (ok, i knew about the print materials) but the photography too! i completely blanked out about that one. i was planning our upcoming f/w photoshoot (awesome) and realized that it wasn't totally consistant with the lula honey brand. so it's time to switch up some of the old ideas and form them into fabulous new ones.
in other news, we are excited about the launch of lula honey's website - enter high pitched screams here - and we are so stoked about it! a couple more weeks and it should be ready to go ♥
well, it's time to get back to work but here are some photos that are fun and kind of inspiring...

all images: google images

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