shotgun rider

"roll, won't you come roll with me
slow, fast, full speed
girl wherever sweet time takes us
hang, with me down this old road
only God knows where we'll go
don't matter long as I've got your love"....

just listening to some Tim McGraw and rollin' with my beanie. in bare feet naturally. 

Dig it babies.


that urban life

just me and carmen figuring out the day and reacquainting ourselves in the city while lola is at gymnastics.

dig it babies.


gym steeze

gym steeze

you know I am always on the lookout for rad gym wear. I love these two leos that duchess and lion co designed. Shown is the blushing Leo on the left and the summer palm Leo on the right. they are made from a Lycra/spandex blend so you know they'll perform in the gym or pair them with pants for an everyday look. The details of the ruffles kill me as does the palm tree print. sizing runs from 12 months to 7 years. Love it all.

Dig it babies.


coffee breaks

I survived our move from the country to the city. 
I'm currently enjoying an iced coffee and setting up the tiniest of studios in my living room while the girls play outside on skateboards and scooters in their bare feet. Feel like making a coffee for yourself? Here's how without any trippy ingredients:

I use a dark roast {I currently love commercial drive coffee co which is a local company here in vancouver}
Fill up a mason jar 3/4 of coffee
Add a 1/4 of milk {I use skim or vanilla almond milk but not everyone has almond milk in their fridge}
Add 4 heaping teaspoons of sugar {sounds like a lot but the pumped syrup from Starbucks is worse}
Shake it up and you should have room for two ice cubes.

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working on my night moves

I often find it hard to fall asleep at night. My evening routine once I'm in bed is to watch Netflix. And I know some of you swear by not having a TV {laptops and iPads count as that's how most Netflix is streamed} in the bedroom but I'm all for it. This is the only time during the day where I have no children hanging off of me and I can enjoy what I'm watching. Fast forward a few hours and I'm half asleep, iPad shut off, and then I hear the neighbours dog. Or a car drive by. Or the fridge running. So what do I do? I grab my phone and I turn on my new favorite app: rain,rain. I am not even kidding. Now, I know some of you are probably wondering 'girl, you crazy' as I live in Vancouver and it rains ALOT here. But the rain,rain app is my new bedtime bestie. Basically, you have a ton of 'rain' options to choose from such as:
rain on a tent
city rain
etc, etc
But you also have different options other than rain to choose from such as:
thunderstorms | storms (with a variety to pick from)
water (this includes ocean waves, streams, fountains, etc)
nature (this includes seagulls, desert wind, blizzard wind, and crackling fire)
transportation (if you are into that sort of thing, it includes plains, trains, cars in the rain)
and last but not least, appliances (dishwasher, washer, dryer, and alarm clock ticking. hey, whatever floats your boat)
you can also click on the store feature to see options you can buy. 
Another great thing is you can set the timer to whatever you need. I usually go with 45 minutes and crank the thunderstorm one. And it has worked every single time. and the app is free. anyways, this isn't a paid endorsement, I just really love this app and wanted to share.

Dig it babies.


summer conditioning - that won't break the bank

well folks, as I mentioned in my previous post, the lula haus is packing up and moving to the city. in fact, I'm writing this post on my iPad surrounded by boxes. With school winding down, the same goes for gymnastics. This year, Lola will be off for three weeks straight, and in the city. However, she still needs to do conditioning throughout so I have compiled a list of {mostly} free things to do to keep that heart rate moving.

Get on that trampoline!
Flipping and jumping around on one is a nice workout. And the best part is your child won't even realize they are getting a workout with all the fun they'll be having.

Get in your yard or on a beach {if you live in Vancouver like me).
did you ever run 'lines' when you were in school for gym class or if you were on a team? Well, you can make this fun for your little one. On the beach, you can make the lines in the water so they can splash around and get wet while exercising. If you are in your yard, grab that sprinkler and let them run through it while doing this.

Hit the pool.
Either your own or go to your local rec centre and swim laps. However, because Lola is only seven and isn't the strongest swimmer yet, I just get her to grab a kick board and use that for laps.

Hop on that bike!
Long bike rides are the best. Not only is this a great way to get your heart rate up but it's also a fun way to explore your city.

Head to the playground.
This could be a whole post in itself with the many amazing workouts you can do at a playground...but I will keep it simple. Play tag. It's fun, sweaty, and one of my favorites cardio activities ever.

Obviously this is just a small variety of things Lola will be doing but they are fun and will keep her motivated to continue.

Above, Lola is wearing:
Limeapple sports bra (not shown)
Freebird by lulahoney tank
Old navy tights

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i took this photo a few weeks ago. cherry blossoms always remind me of change. i'm not sure why. probably because of spring and newness and blah blah blah.. also, i don't think i have ever posted a photo of any type of blooms on this blog.

well we signed a lease for an apartment in the city last week. we move in a few days. i will miss country life and constantly remind myself that this is a year by year thing and we can go back to the mountains anytime. but for now, i'm doing everything that has to be done to support lola.

dig it babies.